Zoios Partners

We're proud to present our partners.

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Logo of Punshbeats
Music Producer


We're a duo of beat producers. Proud to present ourself with brand new beats.

Logo of Feuerwehr-Community


We're a new community for firefighthers, based in germany but for all over the world!

Maxbaloo Image


Daily streams with good quality and generous charity events.

How to get a partnership with Zoios?

How to get in touch

1. Contact Zoios via email. contact@zoios.net

2. Include who you are. Tell us a little bit about you.

3. Include why you want to get a partnership with Zoios.

4. Give us some examples of what you do. It can be streaming, making videos, having an own brand etc.

5. Link your social media accounts. We want to prove that you're the right partner.

What are requirements

Website: at least one thousand unique visitors each month and an average page views of 10.000.

Company: an minimum of 30 unique customers and an good and future near infrastructure.

Influencer: depends on your service, we'll send you detailed information via email when interested.

Guidelines and contract

1. General guidelines aren't available for the general public.

2. We'd decide on each partner if we go on a contract or not.


1. We'll send you an feedback after you send your application.

2. When you got denied your able to reapply after one week.

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